The Rotobec loader is a leader in the industry of grapple rotators and have a light-weight, yet strong a-frame design based on a clean, simple pedestal fabricated from high strength steel. The smooth reliable hydraulic system, superior lift capacity and excellent controllability make it the ideal self-loader for forestry log loaders, logging grapples, log trucks, waste pulpwood and short log markets. Whether it’s an Elite XT 80, stationary mount or a 60 loader crane it’s designed to get the job done right. Robotec material handling equipment uses a state of the art hydraulic rotation system technology that enables users to optimize their operations to meet their demand.

Truck mounted loaders are great for municipal sanitation equipment such as trash loaders, recycle trucks, refuse collection, storm damage cleanup trucks, wood waste and solid waste collection recycling. We offer municipal equipment sales such as sanitation equipment cranes, trash loaders, trash trucks, grapple truck, recycling equipment, natural disasters, refuse collection, curbside pickup, junk and log wood these are great knuckle boom grapple loaders.

Rotobec Bulk Waste Cranes are designed for storm debris collection, curbside waste collection of tree brush, logs, white goods or appliances and are used in Demolition, Sidewalk Removal. Truck bodies loaders for hauling, land clearing or site prep debris removal as well as general clean up.

All State, County and City Public works departments and waste companies should be equipped with a grapple truck; or brush truck for adequate levels of environmental services to residential, commercial and industrial customers for brush and solid waste bulk collection services as well as Emergency response storm debris removal. You can recover illegally dumped items on the highway and road right of way easement, in ditches and below bridges.


Rotobec 80 SM Loader is a Stationary Mount used in waste paper. Pulp wood recycling; saw mills, rock quarry, sand or gravel mining pits, carbon and aggregate quarry’s, as well as in scrap metal yards and Municipal city and county material transfer stations. This crane combines power, excellent lift capacity and ease of operation. The Rotobec 80 SM Loader can be mounted onto a fixed, concrete platform, powered by an electric or diesel power unit and can be controlled from a loader operator seated in the cab or remote work station and by radio remote, we have several models to choose from.

Rotobec Grapple trucks for sale. We custom build loader knuckle boom cranes and bodies for municipal waste pick up , Debris removal and Disaster clean up trucks. As well a bodies for Scrap, Log Loaders, Oil and Gas pipe casing, pipe drilling handling equipment platform grapples. Logging Grapple, Pole handler, Logging, Forestry and Municipal Equipment.
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